We Provide Dispatch Service to Semi Trucks Only. We do Not Dispatch Sprinter Vans, Box Trucks, Hot Shots and Other Small Vehicles.


What Types of Trailers Do We Service For?

Dry Van

53 feet trailers only.

Step Deck

48 & 53 feet trailers only.

FlatBed/ Conestoga

48 & 53 feet trailers only.


53 feet trailers only

Benefits of Working
with Elite Dispatch

Why select EDS over other Truck Dispatcher

The Elite Dispatch Advantage The Elite Dispatch offers complete truck dispatch services from calling and rate negotiation to invoicing and detention collection. Never stress again about overdoing the grunt work, we have your back. Most importantly, we are centered around our drivers and keeping a positive working connection between all parties included. Choosing to work with Elite Dispatch will allow you to focus on the business decisions that your company needs while we take care of your trucks on the roads.

Communication is our Foundation. Remove a foundation and development will disintegrate to the ground. Our success comes from the quality correspondence we offer to every customer, permitting us to assemble a solid shared business relationship.

In the trucking business, appropriate correspondence is the most basic viewpoint to have an organization stick out. We are 100% centered around imparting adequately and proficiently among drivers and brokers. Regardless of whether through email, telephone, SMS, or fax, we speak to your organization in an expert way.

No more paperwork Your business needs you on the front to find new customers, hire new drivers, and make sure your fleet is running properly. Leave all the bustling work to us. We complete all administrative work for your organization from filling carrier packets to sending out PODs. Our accomplished group handles all the managerial work with the goal that your business keeps on moving and growing constantly.

Truck Dispatch Services for Owner Operators &

  • Are you an owner-operator searching for a Truck Dispatch Company?
  • Are you a Trucking Company needing the best Owner operator dispatch services in the USA?
  • EDS provides Dispatch Services in North America and the United States.
  • Elite Dispatch handles all back-office paperwork, detention collection, factoring, invoicing, and all other admin tasks.
  • We discover the most active loads required for your freight wants and acquire the best rate available according to the market condition.
  • We propose a dedicated semi-truck dispatcher for your company after a watchful inquiry of our customers’ necessities at any given time.
  • At UTD, we offer you the finest possible freight rate for any truckload you may have, and be careful of any problems that may arise while driving.
  • We are self-governing dispatch services for owner-operators in North America that support you
  • Also, find the best conceivable loads in the market…

What Our Clients Say About US!

Alicia Paranova⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Elite Dispatch is the best and resonable Truck Dispatch Company. I run 7 days a week and always have the load reday before I deliver one.
Michael Barnes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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EDS is providing me nice Truck Dispatch Service. they keep me loaded everyday. They always take care of my Detentions and Layovers. I'm happy with their Dispatch Service.
Robert Max Pierre⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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If you are a trucker and need Semi Truck Dispatching, I would definitely recommend Elite Dispatch for your Truck Dispatch needs and requirements.
Max Hound⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I am taking Dispatch Services from Elite Dispatch Since 3 years now. I never had a complain about dispatchers or managers. They dispatch my truck very well.
David Mccall⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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There are many other Dispatch Companies in the market but Elite Dispatch charge only 5% of grosss revenue. I would recommend this Dispatch Company.

We charge 5% of Gross Revenue billed every week. There are no other hidden charges. Please refer our Pricing Page for more details.

Motor Carrier Authority, Insurance and filled W9.

Your independent dispatcher will find a good load for your trucking company, complete all the paperwork, handle invoicing, chase for detentions/layovers, handle any issues arise in between the transit.

Our Truck load finders use various load boards and our broker contacts to find you good paying loads.

We are ready to take your call 24/7!